Essential Oils for Personal Care


Whether you’re making homemade soap, bath salts, or lip balm, there are essential oils you want to make sure you have on hand. These oils not only smell great but have great benefits. It might be lavender oil or even peppermint oil. Regardless, these are some of the best essential oils for personal care.



Whether you're making homemade soap, bath salts, or lip balm, you want the best essential oils for personal care so you always have them on hand.Lavender

Lavender oil is amazing for everything from lotion to body scrub to bath soak. Lavender oil has many benefits. Not only does it relax the mind, but it can also help relieve pain, disinfect the skin and scalp, improve blood circulation, and can even treat respiratory problems. Not only does it have many medical benefits, but it smells amazing. This makes it the best essential oil for personal care.


Do you love the scent of peppermint? You may even grab bath products during the month of December that features this amazing scent. Instead of reaching for products made with questionable ingredients, make your own. Add peppermint oil to lotion, homemade soap, and homemade perfumes. A great benefit of peppermint oil is that the scent energizes making it perfect for beauty products you use each morning. Lastly, peppermint oil also kills germs. Add it to aloe vera gel for a safe hand sanitizer.


Another great scented oil you can add to personal care products is jasmine. You can add it to homemade bath salts, perfume, body wash, and so much more. Jasmine, like the other oils listed above, has many benefits. One of the best-known benefits is the ability to combat depression and anxiety. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for these issues, try adding jasmine oil to your beauty products.


Want fuller, healthy hair? Try adding rosemary to homemade shampoo. The oil promotes hair growth, but also has an enjoyable scent, especially when mixed with other oils, such as lavender. It can also be used to treat dry skin and scalps. It’s even great for improving mental activity and reducing stress. Try mixing it with lavender oil to create homemade bath salts.

These are just some of the best essential oils for personal care. Not only do these oils have beauty benefits, but many have mental benefits as well. Whether you want to relax after a hard day or get yourself ready for a new day, these essential oils can be a welcome addition to your daily routine.

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