Guide on How to Use Essential Oils


Essential oils can do so many wonderful things. From relieving inflammation to reducing stress, essential oils have been used for thousands of years. But how do they work? How do the oils derived from plants work so well to help our everyday ailments? Let’s take a closer look at how essential oils work. I hope you find this guide on how to use essential oils very helpful.


Let's take a closer look at how essential oils work. I hope you find this guide on how to use essential oils very helpful.Guide on How to Use Essential Oils


Something you may have never considered is that there are chemical messengers inside our noses that lead directly to the brain. When essential oils are inhaled, they go to work immediately because these chemical messengers deliver information to the brain that lets it know what to do. Inhalation is one of the most popular uses for essential oils.

For example, inhaling lavender oil can relax the mind and relieve tension. In some cases, it can also help relieve migraines. Inhalation can be done by placing the oils on your wrist and inhaling the scent. You can also place the oil in a diffuser to spread the scent around your room. Some people also make homemade air fresheners using essential oil, water, and rubbing alcohol.


The second most popular way that essential oils are used in through topical application. When essential oils are applied to the skin, the skin absorbs the oils and they go into the bloodstream. Organs that are affected by the oils receive the oils through the bloodstream. It is recommended that oils be placed on the pulse points of the body, such as the wrist or back of the neck because the blood vessels are closer to the skin in these areas.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you want to get the best of both worlds, you can add essential oils to homemade beauty products. This way, you’re applying the oil to your skin to be absorbed into the bloodstream, but you’re also inhaling the oil. There are a number of beauty product recipes on Pinterest that are based around essential oils.

In a Diffuser

You can also add essential oils to a diffuser. This can be done by simply placing essential oils into a jar along with wooden reeds that will help disperse the oils into the air. You can also buy an electric diffuser that uses either ultrasonic waves or heat to fill your room with the scent of the oil. This is great way to take advantage of the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils.



I rely on essential oils to clean my home. This way I don’t have to use strong chemicals and have those floating around my home. Have you read the labels on those cleaners, so many chemicals you can’t pronounce. I can clean my entire kitchen with my spray bottle of water, vinegar, and lemon essential oil. If I want to scrub the oven I add baking soda and make a paste first and scrub down my oven then I let it sit and spray it out with my cleaner and it’s shiny and new.

Essential oils are one of the best natural remedies you can find. Treating your ailments topically or through inhalation will depend on the ailment you’re treating and the oil you’re using. However you’re using essential oils, you want to make sure you’re using quality oils that haven’t been diluted or improperly stored. This will help ensure that you get the true benefits of the oils without the risk of anything used to dilute the oil or opening a bottle of rancid oil.

My favorite essential oils are from doTERRA, the quality is amazing and I love that the plants are sourced from their native countries. They do extensive testing to ensure that their oils are pure without any fillers, pesticides or other unwanted chemicals.

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