Simplified Spaces: Decluttering Guide Mini Course


Transform your space into the clean, minimal decluttered environment you’ve always desired.

This mini course comes with the following:

  • Three (3) Video Course Modules
  • Printable Decluttering Worksheet
  • Printable Decluttering Checklist
  • Mini Course Short & Simple Guidebook


Journey to Clarity with Josie

Hello, I’m Josie, a mom on a mission to transform cluttered homes into serene sanctuaries.

As a mother of two and an entrepreneur, I’ve crafted “Simplified Spaces” to fit the busy lifestyles of parents like us, guiding you through each step with ease and flexibility.

I’ve even recorded the process that it has taken me to go from clutter (and boy, I mean CLUTTERED) to free and clear of stuff. 

So if I can do it, so can you! 

What’s in the Simplified Spaces Course?

“Simplified Spaces” features three (3) course video modules, practical tools like a Printable Decluttering Worksheet and Checklist, and a concise Guidebook for quick insights.

This mini course is designed not just to declutter your space, but to embrace a lifestyle of simplicity and joy.

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life

Join me on this transformative journey. Together, we’ll navigate the path to a decluttered, peaceful home, creating more space for what truly matters in our lives.

Enroll in “Simplified Spaces: Decluttering Guide Mini Course” today and step into a world of clarity and tranquility.


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