You’re a busy mother with a mile long to do list. You can’t possibly do it all, things will slip and you will have to let some things go. But wouldn’t it be great if you could get more done in your day? How do I do it? I plan my day. I don’t start the day not know what I’m going to accomplish because this is time wasted and I know I’ll end up on Facebook looking at funny cat videos and catching up on Instagram with everyone else’s pictures. Not productive right?

Colorful Daily Planning Printables

I need to write it down. I write down what I want to accomplish each day, this includes homemaking tasks, homeschooling and my online work stuff. There is just too much to remember and things fall through the crack. It’s hard keeping all of the balls juggling in the air. So write it all down and I like using the daily planning pages like these ones to tackle my projects.

Do I get it all done? No sometimes I don’t but I get a lot more done when I have a plan. There will interruptions and distractions but I have a focus rather than wasting time wondering what I should be doing and then doing the easy tasks that didn’t need to get done.

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Go ahead and grab the Daily planning printables and get your day started on the right foot.