10 Ways to Lose Weight That Really Work

Losing weight is supposed to be easy right? – simply consume fewer calories than you burn, that simple right? 

No, Not exactly.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not always that straightforward.

The problem is that if you “go on a diet” you can lose weight fast and gain it all back (plus more!) just as quickly.

The point is, if you want to keep those extra pounds off permanently, it is best to lose weight gradually.

Small changes in your diet and exercise routine can help you lose a pound of fat a week.

Let’s take a closer look at the other ways you can lose weight and keep it off.

ways to lose weight



The following are 10 ways to lose weight without having to go on a diet

1.Eat Breakfast

I probably sound like a broken record right now with this tip.

You must have heard this tip a lot of times, or maybe not.

However, out of the other ways to lose weight listed here, this is probably the most important.

It’s very common to think skipping breakfast is a smart way to lose weight, but this couldn’t be more wrong.

The fact is, eating breakfast every day makes it easier to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight better.

Studies also show that protein and a small amount of fat help keep hunger pangs at bay, so go ahead and have an omelet or a healthy bowl of oats for breakfast.

ways to lose weight

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2.Diversify Your Meals 

Think colors!!

Get creative with your meals, and plan to eat a wide variety of healthy foods.

For starters, this will cut down on food cravings because you will feel more satisfied.

A terrific tip is to think of the foods you can eat rather than those you cannot.

ways to lose weight

A few examples of foods you can snack on or have with your meals are Cherries, carrot, celery, broccoli, red peppers, grapes, etc

Beans and vegetables are also delicious, filling, and low-calorie foods you can incorporate.

A great option is to add them to your soups and stews.


3.Go for a Walk

Walking is an enjoyable way to keep fit and burn more calories.

What I love the most about walking as a form of exercise is that it is easy to incorporate into any schedule and it’s also suitable for any fitness level.

Even just a 10-minute walk offers great benefits.

So be sure to include this in your list of effective ways to lose weight.

ways to lose weight

4. Go Light

Next time you are reaching for a salad dressing, consider going light.

Low-fat versions of dairy products, salad dressings, mayonnaise, etc. can help you trim calories effortlessly.

Whenever you can, choose low fat and lighter options.

Consider using vinaigrette instead of creamy dressing on your salad and hold the cheese on your sandwiches.

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5. Drink Water

Another great tip to losing weight is staying hydrated.

Water is the best and preferred choice of hydration because it’s great for keeping you fuller, flushing out toxins, and more importantly, it’s a zero-calorie drink.

It is definitely the best drink to keep you hydrated and facilitate weight loss.

A glass of water before a meal makes you feel full, so you eat less.

In addition, staying hydrated during a workout session will help you exercise longer and better.

6. Have a Protein at Every Meal and Snack

Lean or low-fat protein will keep you feeling full longer.

Lean meats, eggs, nuts, beans, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, etc., will keep you from overeating.

In addition, small meals and snacks every 3 to 4 hours will also help to keep your blood sugar levels steady.

7. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

This is a no-brainer tip because most fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber.

They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Fresh produce will fill you up without piling on extra pounds.


8. Go Whole-Grain

It sounds simple, and yes it is.

Whole grains provide much-needed fiber and you will leave you feeling full faster.

A few examples are whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, etc.

Whole grain certainly offers one of the best ways to lose weight.


9. Reduce Portions

Portion control is a very effective and smart way to lose weight.

The best part about portion control is when you practice portion control while on your weight loss journey, you are able to eat your favorite foods in moderation.

A good practice is to use measuring cups to get an idea of your usual portion sizes, and then aim to reduce your portions by 10-20%.

You can also use smaller plates and bowls, so you are looking at a “full plate” even with less food in it.

This 21-day portion control container is a lifesaver for effective portion control.

10. Take Control Of Your Environment

All you have to do is fill up your kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator with healthy options and avoid eat-all-you-can restaurants.

Here’s how ridiculously easy it is, have a healthy snack before going to a party and select the food you eat.

So That’s it, 10 ways to lose weight.

I am sure you can easily incorporate these into your lifestyle.

So are you ready to lose weight and keep it off?

Go ahead and implement the tips above and Trust be, You’ll be glad you did.

With these effective methods for losing weight, you will shed pounds and keep them off permanently.

Now do it. 

Josie Pena
Josie Pena

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