Get Better Sleep Tonight! 12 Tips to Get Relaxed So you Can Go to Bed

What can you do to get better sleep tonight?

Some people think that they need an expensive mattress or a fancy pillow for a good night’s sleep.

The reality is that all it takes is a few simple lifestyle changes to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep.

In this blog post, we will go over 12 tips for getting a better night’s sleep!

Here are 12 simple tips for getting relaxed so you can go to bed tonight:

Practice meditation or mindfulness before sleeping – Spending some time relaxing each day is a great way to ease into sleep.

Take a hot bath or shower before bed

The heat helps release tension in the body and mind, promoting relaxation.

Avoid caffeine after noon

Caffeine is known to disrupt our natural circadian rhythms, so it’s best to avoid drinking coffee past mid-afternoon if you want a good night’s rest! Instead, drink chamomile tea which has been shown time and again as being beneficial for sleep.

Skip alcohol three hours before going to bed

While many people think that having an alcoholic beverage can help them fall asleep easier, this isn’t true at all! In fact, while alcohol may seem like it makes us drowsy when we first have it, it actually disrupts our sleep later on in the night.

Make sure that your room is dark –

Darkness helps promote melatonin production, which tells us when it’s time to get ready for bed! If you are worried about needing a nightlight because of little ones or pets then make sure you purchase an eye mask or blackout curtains.

Create a relaxing pre-sleep routine –

This means doing things like taking out clothes for the next day, brushing teeth and cleaning up before heading into your bedroom. It may be helpful to create some soft ambient noise while in there as well (like putting on white noise) so that you feel more relaxed when getting into bed at night.

Give yourself enough time to wind down before going to bed –

If you only allow yourself an hour to get ready for sleep, then your mind and body may not be able to relax enough. Try giving yourself at least a half-hour of quiet time before hopping into bed so that you can go on with the rest of your night without stressing about falling asleep!

Keep electronics out of the bedroom –

This means turning off screens (laptops, phones) as well as avoiding taking work materials or other distractions in there. You want this space to be calm and relaxing!

Exercise during the day –

Working out releases endorphins which makes us feel great overall but it also helps promote deeper sleep cycles later in the evening when we are trying to fall asleep again. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise each day to reap the full benefits.

Get out of bed if you are not falling asleep within 20 minutes –

This can be hard for some people, but waking up in the middle of the night is actually bad for us! It sends our body into high alert mode and makes it harder to fall back asleep again later on. If this happens then try getting a book or something else that will help keep your mind occupied until you feel tired enough again.

Practice good sleep hygiene –

Keep electronics, pets, bright lights away from sleeping areas as well as avoiding large meals too close before bedtime.

Having an evening routine that tells our body it’s time to wind down also helps cue those drowsy feelings so we can drift off to sleep with ease.

Sleep is a big factor in overall health and wellness as well as having enough energy throughout the day! Getting better, more consistent rest at night can help you feel amazing during the day.

Try these 12 easy tips for getting relaxed so you can go to bed tonight:

Josie Pena
Josie Pena

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