Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter and Ideas Pack

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Our Elf on The Shelf Arrival Letter pack is specially designed for easy reading and a festive feel. This pack includes 7 pages in total, including:

Two (2) arrival letters for the Elf (For a New Elf, or Reintroduction)

One (1) letter from Santa announcing the Elf’s arrival

One (1) departure letter for the Elf

Two (2) pages with 36 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

One (1) calendar page to schedule ideas

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Are you opting to add more creative ideas for this holiday season? Some fun ideas include introducing an Elf on the shelf to your children. If you plan on bring a scout elf home, make sure to include these printable letters for your month-long elf event. The following series is the order in which you should introduce your child(ren) to the elf letter series. 

Letter from Santa‘s Desk

 The first letter up is from Santa Claus himself. There are several arrival ideas for this letter itself – perhaps you want to have it “mailed” and address to your children and – or family, or maybe you could find it perched on a candy cane located on your tree. 

Either way it will be an exciting time to receive anything from Santa Claus himself. There’s plenty of ideas you can use to get this letter delivered. After you deliver this letter, then you can prepare your elf package along with the elf letters. 

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter

This arrival letter will help you introduce your cute elf doll to your kids. You should fold this letter up and place it in an envelope, and at your latest holiday party (like Thanksgiving) – introduce your elf with his arrival letter. There are two versions of this letter in the pack, take a look at which one you will need for your event. 

The “nice to meet you” version

The “nice to meet you” elf arrival letter is for a first time acquaintance – like many others this is probably the first time you are bringing this holiday tradition home. This is the perfect way to explain to your little ones why the scout elf is visiting and what they should do during his stay. Make it a sweet introduction, and have your elf sit in a bucket of chocolate kisses when the children meet him/her. 

The “I’m back” version

If you have already had your Elf arrive in previous years, then this “I’m back” letter is a reintroduction letter for your family. We recommend reintroducing your elf with the first surprise in your Advent calendar. 

36 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

You are going to have about 30 days of fun available for your elf, and in this pack you will find an awesome 36 ideas. You can try all or just a few of these ideas – but whichever ones you pick, they are certainly going to leave a wonderful memory behind. Don’t get stuck having to look something up – plan them in advance by using the calendar page printable included in this pack. 

Calendar Page

Plan out all of your hilarious ideas and fun activities with this handy calendar page printable. Any clever parent knows – making a plan is the best way to execute something successfully in the near future. We love printables – and this set is an adorable idea that gets kids excited for the holiday. 

Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter

It’s time for your Elf’s departure and eventually all of your holiday decorations – whew. Use this elf on the shelf goodbye letter to provide closure to your little ones and they holiday visitor. 


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