Mindful Eating Journal – Improve Your Diet and Eating Habits in 30 Days


  • 115 pages long
  • Designed for better eating habits
  • Helps to improve diet and nutrition
  • Includes journaling prompts, daily food logs, and curated tasks.
  • Provides a structure for weekly check-ins and aligned planning
  • Reset your relationship with food

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This Mindful Eating Journal was designed for people who are looking to reset their diets, and improve their relationship with food. The 115 page journal and planner will increase awareness and create new avenues of thought and action with food. 

Transforming your relationship to food can be difficult, and hard to focus on when there are so many distractions and easy (but unhealthy) options. Taking the time to learn what would work well for your body, lifestyle, family, and overall health would be the first step in improving your quality of life. 

Your food intake can affect your mental health, and compound the problems with your health. If you have been binge eating, participating in extreme weight loss regimens, have food allergies, and or occasionally having emotional eating episodes – this printable food journal will be life-changing. 

Keeping a food diary, like most aspects of food journaling has been shown to be a powerful tool in forming a healthy relationship with food. (see link to Harvard food study at the end of this article).

Mindful Eating Journal Prompts

In the first section of this journal planner, you will learn about what mindful eating truly is, and how you reassess your approach to food. You will be prompted to reassess your current relationship with food choices, and your overall diet.  

Grocery List Pages

Use the grocery list printable pages to make a list of the food items you would like to incorporate into your diet. Print it out as often as is needed to make your list, and support your new eating habits and behaviors.

Recipe Card Planner

You can also print out this recipe planner printable to make notes, and record an entirely new recipe idea. It’s easy to forget some ingredients or steps in complicated dishes, entrees or sides; so having this page handy will be helpful. You can also share this recipe card with friends. 

Tips, Reminders, and Tricks

We may have heard dieting tips before, and of other food hacks and guidelines – it’s a good practice to reassess some things in order to form a better and deeper understanding of our relationship to food. 

Positive Affirmations

It’s important to remember that having a good though process behind your intentions can help solidify and support your new journey in mindful eating. If you are on a downward spiral, make a quick reference to the positive affirmations spread throughout the context of this mindful eating journal planner. 

Daily Food Logs

Track your food & mood after every meal for 30 days to see how you perform with your eating habits. Recording your food intake will help you see how you have transformed over the course of practicing mindful eating. 

You can also use it as a digital food journal if you use goodnotes, or any other PDF reader with annotation capabilities. Just use your stylus to make notes, and answer the prompts. 

Make peace with food, and don’t let every-meal be a struggle that is lost. Taking a step towards keeping a food tracker journal will help address your most pressing issues with food, diet, nutrition, nourishment, and your lifestyle. 

Your relationship with food is the most important to your health and wellbeing, as it provides the fuel for optimal physical, and mental health. This journal will help you optimize the most essential part of your life.

Take a mindful approach to your diet with the Daily food Journal section. Get the Printable Mindful Eating Journal to improve your behaviors with food. 


Why keep a food diary? Harvard Health Publishing


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