Best Core Exercises

Do you want to learn how to engage your core properly with the best core exercises?

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So lets get into it.

Did you know that the core muscles are perhaps the most important group of muscles for physical fitness?

Yet core exercises are often neglected.

the best core exercises

The fact is a strong core is important because all your body movements use your core muscles.

In addition to that, a strong core muscle also helps maintain proper posture and balance.

Your core is the center of gravity for your body and involves the muscles in the abdomen, lower back, hips, and pelvis.

A strong core also enables you to control your physical movements better, allowing you to perform better at any sport.

By developing your core muscles, you’ll be able to jump higher, throw a ball farther, or run faster.

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The Best Core Exercises

Here are some of the best exercises To Build a Strong Core

  1. Crunches

  2. Medicine Ball Rotation

  3. Hand Side Bridges

  4. Glute Bridge

  5. Standing Hip Abduction


Crunches are some of the best exercises for the core and abdomen.


Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Keep your hands on the sides of your head (near the ears), or crossed on your chest.

Using your abdominal muscles, lift your torso while keeping your head in a neutral position and your back straight.

Return to the starting position without releasing the tension on your abs.

Regular crunches, oblique crunches, and reverse crunches are some of the best core exercises.

Medicine Ball Rotations

Exercising with a medicine ball is for core stability training.

The medicine ball rotation exercise develops your lower back and abs.


Sit with knees bent and feet together.

Hold a medicine ball to your chest.

Flex your abdominal muscles and hold them stiff while rotating side to side.

Keep your body in the same position and the medicine ball close to your chest.

Hand Side Bridge

Lie on your side, with your forearm on the floor under your shoulder to support you.

Tighten your core and use your forearm to assist you in lifting your hips until your body is straight from ankles to shoulders.

Hold this position for at least 50 seconds.

Repeat on the other side.

Glute Bridge

This core exercise can be done at home.

Lie on your back on the floor with knees bent.

Keep your arms and heels on the floor.

Tighten your glutes and lift your heels until your body is raised in a straight line from shoulders to knees.

For a more effective core exercise, lift one knee towards your chest.

Bring the knee down and repeat with the other knee.

Don’t allow your hips to drop during the movement.

Standing Hip Abduction

This exercise routine can be performed at home or at the gym.

You will need resistance bands or a cable attachment.

The exercise works out the muscles in the abs, hips, back, and obliques.


To perform this exercise, attach a resistance band or cable attachment to one ankle.

Stand with that foot slightly in front of the other and place your weight on your back foot.

Slowly extend your front foot upward, imitating a kicking motion.

Keep your back straight and your abs flexed.

Hold the position for as long as you can.

Reverse the motion and repeat it.


Ask a fitness expert to show you how to do your core workout exercises correctly

Choose exercises that allow you to work out your core muscles at the same time

Breathe freely while doing your exercises

Dont forget to give your core muscles time to rest and recover.

Will you be trying out any of these core exercises? Let me know in the comments below.

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