5 Tips for Learning While on Vacation

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Vacations can actually be a great way to learn new things without kids realizing it. Whether you bring along a stack of flashcards for the trip or spend time working on the basics, there are several great ways for kids to learn while on vacation.

5 Tips for Learning while on Vacation - need to get away but still want to take advantage of the learning opportunities with your kids?1. Bring Along a Learning Kit

Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, it pays to bring along a set of flashcards. You may even want to bring along several sets so your child doesn’t get bored. Purchase a few new sets or make your own with new material you want to focus on teaching while on vacation. For example, you might be going to beach and have a set of flashcards featuring marine life. You could include a small dry erase board and markers, audiobooks for the long ride, or small busy bags of felt activities. If it’s portable and small or easily packed up, have a small box for each child to keep them

2. Load the Tablet with Educational Games

Another great tip is to load your tablet down with educational games for your child to play while on the road or in the air. This can be a great way to keep her quiet, but she’ll still be learning. You can find a number of free educational game apps through Amazon, Google Play, and Apple’s app store. Choose several new games so that she stays busy throughout the trip.

3. Print Out Fun Facts About Locations

Before you leave on vacation, print out fun facts about the places you’ll be going. You can bring the facts along to each attraction and teach your child something new as you enjoy the visit. For example, if you’re going to Disney, print out fun facts about who the first character was and how tall Cinderella’s castle is.

4. Read Up on Each Attraction

Each night, get out your laptop and study the places you’ll be seeing together. You might read up on a museum you’ll be visiting or check out the animals you’ll be seeing at the zoo. Ask questions as you look at the website and see what he’s most interested in learning about. You can then be sure to visit each part of the attraction that interests him the most.

5. Work on the Basics

Last, but not least, don’t forget to focus on the basic. Ask how many dolphins are in the tank. Ask how much money will be left after she buys an ice cream. Just look for little ways to reinforce the basics of math and reading.

Vacations can be a wonderful time for children to learn new things. They can also be a great time to reinforce math and reading basics. Whether you teach him fun facts about an attraction or give him educational games to play while in the car, there are ways to for him to learn while on vacation.

Create your own travel binder to keep things fun while you’re on vacation.

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