6 Camping Tips for Families

Camping is an affordable, fun vacation idea for families. It’s also a great way to get kids away from the TV and video games and the computer. See my 6 camping tips for families to make the most of your trip.

If you’ve never been camping with your kids, or have been and it wasn’t successful, there are tips you can use to make the experience a good one.

Whether it’s camping close to town or making your tent more comfortable, these camping tips for families will become tips you use each and every summer.

Have a wonderful family trip with these 6 camping tips for families. Stay unplugged and make great memories with your family.

Choose Campgrounds Close to Civilization

If you have small kids, you don’t want to choose a campground that’s in the middle of nowhere. You want to choose a campground that is relatively close to town. This will allow you to reach a hospital quickly should something like a sprained ankle occur. It also allows you to jump in your car and run to the store should you forget something important, like diapers. The provincial park is located in a small town where there’s a dollar store, Walmart, and Canadian Tire so I’m not worried about running out of supplies.

Freeze Water Bottles and Juice Boxes to Keep Foods Colder

A great way to keep your foods colder in the cooler for longer is to freeze water bottles and juice boxes. This will also give you much colder drinks. You can freeze any liquid you’ll be adding to your cooler. This allows you to pack your cooler without the need for ice.

Use Chips to Start Your Fire

Can’t get your fire to start? Corn chips and potato crisps work wonderfully to get the fire going. These chips are literally coated in fat and are just the thing you need. Best of all, these are something you will probably have on hand. Plus, your campfire will probably smell pretty good.

Make Tents More Comfortable with Play Mats

If your family will be sleeping on the ground, bring along your kids’ play mat or foam tiles used in their playroom. You can lay these out under your sleeping bags to create a much more comfortable surface. If you don’t have play mats, you can also use yoga mats or foam exercise mats.

Keep Meals Simple

Unless you absolutely love to cook, keep the meals simple. Hot dogs and sandwiches are perfect for camping. If your family will be fishing, you can also bring along a skillet for cooking the fish. Just remember that your kids may not be thrilled with the idea of killing and eating fish. For meals I prep ahead of time, so for pasta, I’ll cook the sauce at home and freeze it. For stews, I peel and cut all of the veggies and ingredients that I need so I can just throw it all together at the campsite. We spend so much time outdoors, I don’t want to have to worry about food.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

Last, but not least, leave the tablets at home and enjoy the nature around you. Go for a hike or let the kids play in the creek. You could also go bird watching or fishing. There’s so much to do in the great outdoors. If your children were raised in the city, they will love being outdoors and experiencing something new.

Camping is a wonderful vacation option for families. It’s not only affordable, but a great way to get your kids away from the TV and video games. If you want to make camping easier, follow these tips.

We’ve been spending our weekends on the beach and I can’t believe we’re already halfway through our summer. Fall is coming too quickly.

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