Birchwood Snowman Ornament Craft

Take a look at this fantastic snowman ornament craft! Isn’t it beautiful?! It brings a natural and rustic look to your home décor that makes the holiday season warm and cozy. In this post, we show you what you need and how to make this fun birchwood snowman ornament craft. Your kids will have a blast making it and then decorating the Christmas tree with it!

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to make some really fun Christmas ornaments. Not only is this simple and easy to do but it’s really great for the kids as well.

It’s a fun ornament that can easily turn into a keepsake ornament as well. If you’re sentimental at all, this is one ornament that you’re going to want to keep and hang up every single year.

Have fun making this simple Christmas ornament. Homemade holiday ornaments are literally the best!

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Birchwood Snowman Ornament

Birchwood Snowman Ornament Craft

Keep in mind that this craft isn’t hard to do at all. You’ll just need a few simple supplies to get started, which you’ll find listed below.

It’s always a good idea to make this on a craft weekend and then hang them on the tree. We also like to make these up as gifts and give them out to our family and friends as well.

It’s so fun to have a tree full of homemade ornaments and this is one of my favorites for sure. I probably have several of these that I hang up every year because I just can’t part ways with them!

Birchwood Snowman Ornament Craft Supplies

Gather up the list of supplies to get started on this simple snowman ornament. All of these supplies can easily be purchased online or also bought at any craft store, too. Since the supplies are so simple, you shouldn’t run into issues finding them.

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Birchwood Snowman Ornament Craft

Ornament Supplies

Below are the supplies that you’ll want to gather and have on hand.

  • Ribbon or pipe cleaner for hanging
  • Birchwood Chips (found a most craft stores, sold by the bag)
  • Craft felt in orange, red, black, and tan
  • Scissors
  • Pair of googly eyes
  • Hot glue, glue gun

Directions for Snowman Ornament

1. Choose three birchwood chips to craft the body of your snowman. Line them up and add hot glue between each piece. Press together and hold until secure to create the body.
2. While the glue dries, you can cut out your felt shapes to create the details on your snowman. Cut out an orange triangle for the carrot nose, a few black circles for buttons, a red strip for the scarf, and a small black hat. We also made small stick like hands using the tan felt.
3. Once the glue holding the birchwood chips together is dry you can glue your googly eyes in place at the top of the clothespin.
4. Add a dab of glue to your felt details and glue them in place. You can glue them as shown or create a look of your choosing.
5. Add some glue to your ribbon or pipe cleaner and press to the back of the snowman’s body. Once this piece is dry, your birchwood snowman ornament can be hung!

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Tips for Making this Snowman Craft

The main thing to keep in mind when making this snowman ornament craft is that you need to give the glue time to dry.

This can be hard for the kids to slow down and understand, especially when they’re excited to decorate the tree.

Talk to them about this process beforehand so that it’s not a shock to them once they start. Once they understand the importance, they’ll have no issue being a little bit patient for their craft to be perfect.

You can count, sing songs, or divert your attention to something else completely so that they’re not so focused on waiting and watching the glue dry.

Fun Ways to Share This Ornament Craft

One of the other major reasons that I love this craft is that there are so many great uses for it. Not only is it a simple way to decorate your holiday tree but it makes for a great gift idea, too.

If the kids can make this and hand it out to family and friends, this is a super cute holiday gift that they can cherish. My family members still have ornaments that I made when I was a little girl and they hang them up on the Christmas tree each year still! It’s so fun to see them on the tree!

You can also make your own family holiday traditions at home by hanging up the ornaments on your tree. This is a fun way to make a tradition and then take the time to talk about the ornaments as they’re being hung up.

The kids will love to have a trip down memory lane and see the ornaments being hung, too. This is a fun tradition and a way to slow down and set a date and time to put the ornaments on the tree together. It’s one of my favorite activities of the holiday season!

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I’m a big believer that you need to fill your tummies with fun foods while you’re doing something creative and fun as well! These two recipes below are recipes that we always make during the holidays and I hope you’ll start that tradition in your home too!

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