Erin Condren Holiday Gift List (ACTUAL GIFTS Not Just Planners!)

Not just another gift list…….

I’m so excited that Erin Condren sent me a big box of gifts from their 2020 Holiday Collection to share with you!  I know this season is a little on edge, so having a nice list of well-priced, great quality gifts to choose from is a big shortcut in my book.

There’s something in this gift collection for working moms, stay at home moms, planner-loving ladies on the go, and even rockin’ dorm-friendly gifts for your adult(ing) kids.

I filmed myself unboxing the gifts (and gave gift recommendations for my favorites), and all I say the whole time is omg…..OMG……omg….It gets exciting.  Check it out here:

Now, when you think “holiday gifts from a planner company,” you are probably thinking…what, are you gonna give me a planner?

Maybe another planner?

…a pencil??

But I was very shocked and surprised at the quality and VARIETY of gifts in this Holiday collection.

These are actual gifts, not just planner accessories. 

My shock is on full display in the video LOL!

And, in my opinion the prices are really the best part, there are so many gifts under $25. The Erin Condren online shipping threshold is $75, so just three gifts and maybe throw in a low-cost wet-erase dashboard or some sticky corner pockets for yourself, and you’re in.

The links below are my affiliate links, that means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, for buying with these links.  Lucky for both of us, I only recommend products I love myself (I’ll tell you if it sucks!).  If you do decide to use the links below, thank you so much for your support!

Let’s go holiday shopping with Erin Condren!

Erin Condren Holiday Collection Gift List

Gifts for Work at Home Moms

My #1 favorite by far out of this collection, is this tangram puzzle:

I found out it’s made of sustainable rubberwood, which is so cool! It’s going right on my desk, it’s something that I can do for three minutes that isn’t, “Grab my phone and scroll” every time my mind starts to wander off of my work.

If there’s someone like that in your life, this would be a perfect desk gift for them!

My next favorite is this colorful acrylic perpetual calendar:

This is perfect for:

  • Boss,
  • Coworker,
  • Mom with a desk (raising my hand),
  • Teacher (class gift!! If your child’s class has 12 kids in it, that’s $2 per kid!  Add shipping if you have to, and it’s like $2.50 per kid)

The perpetual calendar or the tangram puzzle bring some brightness and fun for their desk space, that doesn’t read “messy” or “silly.”

This perpetual calendar will EASILY double as a toy, for when you are working from home and need to squeeze out 10 more minutes of work.  I bet you’ll see some stacking, number counting, even rolling like dice, they’re that sturdy.

Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Maybe you have someone who is home more, and maybe excited about being able to read more now? One of these metal bookmarks would be such a thoughtful gift, it’s something that they definitely would not buy for themselves:

I personally just throw any bobby pin or post it inside the book I’m reading, but if I had something like this, it would just make the whole reading experience feel more “self care-y,” if you know what I mean.

Plus, it would definitely remind me of the person who got it for me: )

This bookmark also comes in “Create” and “Plan.”

Or, has someone in your family turned into a total puzzle nerd? My husband and daughter are on their FOURTH huge puzzle right now, our dining room table is not for eating anymore…

This 500-piece puzzle is going to make a great addition. It’s intricate, but the pieces are not too tiny:

It’s one of those perfectly-sized puzzles. I think a lot of thought went into making this puzzle, we’ve gone a bit puzzle-crazy here and now we know what qualities to look for in a puzzle. I think the Erin Condren team really nailed it!

They also come in four images, it’s a nice variety, and I think my choice would be the colorful layers.

Dorm-Friendly Gifts

And of course if you have the family who loves playing games, or who was fortunate enough to be able to go away to college this semester, these playing cards:

…plus the puzzle and perpetual calendar are dorm-friendly for sure.  Plus, the puzzle canister is high-quality and reusable.

If you’re thinking of sending a care package, stick in this set of three ornaments that they can stick up on the ceiling with some thumb tacks, and have a nice reminder of the holidays and of home:

Gifts for On-The-Go Moms Who Love Their Planner

This is called a “planner bag,” but I don’t know why because it holds everything:

Bags like this can retail for $100 or more in department stores. The straps are two for $20 so that’s $70 total for for the bag.  It’s usable and subtle, and fits SO much (you see in the video).

I was able to fit my iPad, my planner, phone and wallet, and it closed up with room to spare.

The planner bag is so functional and the strap choices are so fun.

One more gift that isn’t in the holiday collection but I want to show you, is the planner folio:

I didn’t get it in the holiday box, but I actually own it, it is the best $25 I have ever spent.

If you’re like me or you know someone like me who has pens and stickers and post its and notebooks all over the place, this is the best gift.

It holds your planner and everything else like a clutch.  And, it fits right in your bag (or definitely the planner bag).  No more random stickers or jabbing your fingers with stowaway pens & pencils.

If you know anyone who definitely uses an Erin Condren planner, you have to check out their holiday covers.

This cover came in my box, but there are a bunch of beautiful ones on the site:

I would definitely surprise that person with a holiday cover as an early holiday gift. That way, they can use it NOW, while they are doing their holiday planning.  Wouldn’t it be the best to randomly get one of these covers in the mail from your friend, and jump-start the holiday spirit?

Erin Condren Holiday Shipping Deadlines

If you want to get your gifts by December 24th, here is a chart with the order deadlines. Remember, you get FREE economy shipping when you spend $75 or more:

Erin Condren Holiday Gift List!

So that’s it! I hope you crossed some people off your gift list today.

Check out the entire Erin Condren 2020 Holiday Collection here.  Have fun with it!

Happy shopping, and Happy holidays!



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