50 Gifts Stay at Home Moms Will DEFINITELY Use & Love!

Stay at home moms are awesome and deserve thoughtful and fun gifts.  But, what do you get a mom who stays at home? 

Getting a gift for someone whose life pretty much revolves around someone else (a.k.a. our kids) is difficult!  I should know, I’m a stay at home mom who has received my fair share of kid stuff for my own birthday (womp womp).

That’s why I made this huge list of super-impressive stay at home mom gifts that are perfect for the moms in your life. 

No need to struggle trying to think of gift ideas for stay at home moms!  This list of over 50 of the best gifts for stay at home moms are going to propel you to best gift-giver ever!

This isn’t just a list of the best vacuums or sewing machines – it’s a list of well-thought, considerate gifts that every mom would love.

Stay at Home Mom Gifts Categories

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Beauty and Self Care Gift Ideas for Stay at Home Mom

  1. Hand lotion Using cleaning products gives us dry, cracked hands!
  1. Linen spray for restful sleep.  Moms can be very restless at night because of all of the things we are in charge of rattling around in our heads. 
  1. Massage Gift Certificate. Make sure to read the reviews before buying a gift card, and you’ll save money on spafinder & groupon if you use Rakuten.
Screenshot from SpaFinder.com
  1. Super-comfy fleece Pajamas
  1. Fancy reef-friendly facial sunscreen & sunhat

Fun & Functional Tech Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

  1. Robot vacuum – I know I frowned on vacuums, but this isn’t just any old vacuum! I am 100% in love with mine.
  1. Smart Speaker – Amazon Echo, Google Nest
  1. Watch that syncs with her smartphone – like apple watch, samsung watch – so she can glance at her wrist instead of having to dig around for her phone whenever someone calls or texts, a huge timesaver.
  1. Wifi picture frame that anyone can add pictures to
  1. Skylight calendar Digital frame that has everybody’s schedule on it – this even syncs with google calendar!
skylight calendar screenshot
  1. Oura Ring that helps with sleep tracking
Oura ring screenshot
screenshot via ouraring.com/sleep
  1. Car vacuum that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter port.

Homemade Stay at Home Mom Gift Ideas

  1. Free babysitting – volunteer to take the kids for a fun day out, spend what you would have spent on a gift and take them to the movies, a park, for ice cream, etc.  Make sure to plan the day ahead of time so mom has time to decide what to do and make reservations if she needs to.
  2. Come make a stack of freezer meals for her.
  3. DIY Recipe book: Grab a scrap book and get a bunch of people to contribute their favorite recipe.

Subscriptions & Gift Cards that Make Great Stay at Home Mom Gifts

  1. Prime gift membership
  1. Walmart+ membership gift card
walmart plus membership gift card
screenshot via walmart.com
  1. Meal delivery service membership, like HelloFresh or Blue Apron
hello fresh screenshot
screenshot via hellofresh.com
  1. Thrive market gift membership
thrive market gift membership for mom
screenshot via thrivemarket.com
  1. Coffee/tea/wine/candy/chocolate subscription to mom’s favorite food or drink
  2. Uber Eats or Grub Hub gift card (you can pick these up at target!)
  3. House cleaning gift certificate. Check Facebook groups in mom’s area for good cleaning service recommendations, or companies like Maids.com or MaidPro.com
  4. Gift boxes customized for mom. Etsy has tons of handmade, customizable gift baskets.

Gifts Mom can Use at Home

  1. Fun coffee or tea mug
ceramic cat mugs
via Momocor Ceramic
beach inspired mug resin
via FreckledFlamingoCo
  1. A lap desk with storage
lap desk with storage for mom
  1. Aerogarden or click and grow
  1. Slippers with durable bottoms – so its ok to run outside with them for a minute if she has to
  1. Car seat gap filling basket
  1. Easy change artwork frames
  1. Ergonomic computer chair

Gifts for Busy Moms

  1. Planner made specifically for moms. I love the Erin Condren Family Organizer or the Amy Knapp Family Organizer. If you want some specific planner recommendations, here is my list of 22 best planners for moms.
erin condren family organizer for moms
  1. Command center. This is especially helpful for moms with school-aged kids.
erin condren weekly whiteboard for moms
Erin Condren Weekly Whiteboard & Notepad
etsy command center for moms
Family Printable Wall Calendar // SweetVanillaOrganize
  1. Mug Warmer for mom’s hot drinks

Thoughtful Gifts Any Mom Would Love

  1. Slip on, waterproof sneakers.  There’s nothing my kids hate more than me nagging them to get ready to go, and then they have to wait for me to tie my shoes lol!
vessi screenshot slip on waterproof sneakers
screenshot via vessi.com
  1. Adult puzzle with an appropriate sized board – so she can store it easily up high (I kept mine on top of the fridge when my kids were little).

What are some tips to help purchase a gift for a stay at home mom?

Purchasing a gift for a stay at home mom can be challenging. Luckily, this post has 50 stay at home mom gift ideas!

It’s important to know what hobbies mom has, what her interests are, and what she likes to do for fun. You want to give her something that is going to make her happy and not just something that you think “moms” would like.

If you still have no idea, ask her!

Do stay at home moms like to receive homemade gifts?

Yes! Many stay at home moms love receiving homemade gifts. These gifts are more personal and thoughtful than store-bought ones. 

Some more homemade gift ideas include:

Homemade cookies

  • framed picture of mom and kids
  • journal with their favorite quotes inside
  • bunch of pre-made freezer meals ready to go

What should I avoid when buying gifts for a stay at home mom?

There are some things that you should avoid when purchasing stay at home mom gifts. Here are some ideas of what NOT to buy:

  • Cleaning products
  • Items specifically for the kids
  • Clothing, unless they gave you the OK

Also, if you buy a gift that needs to be assembled, assemble it! Otherwise, it will be set up “when she gets to it,” a.k.a. Never. Just make sure to give mom the receipt and packaging. 

What to get a stay at home mom for her birthday

Birthdays are a holiday that is specifically for that person. It’s not like Christmas or other holidays where lots of people get gifts.

It’s important on mom’s birthday to think about mom’s hobbies, personal style, and things she loves to talk about, and pick a gift that is more personal. Stay away from cleaning appliances like vacuums, or other things that are house-specific. That’s not really a gift for mom specifically.

A good birthday gift idea for a stay at home mom might be something that she can do without her kids. One idea is to get tickets to a grown-up show and a restaurant.com gift card, and offer to babysit that evening.

Here Are More Awesome Gift Ideas for Moms:

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