7 Tips to Get Kids Back on Schedule for School

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School starts in just a few weeks and you have a big problem. Your kids are going to be bed later and later and getting up later and later. If you want to get your kids back on schedule for school, there are a number of easy tips you can follow.

7 Tips for to get kids back on schedule for school so you don't lose your sanity in the mornings and get your kids to school on time.

Tips to Get Kids Back on Schedule for School

1. Slowly Adjust Bedtime

Sending your kids to bed hours earlier than what they’re used to isn’t going to work. Instead, start sending your kids to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. This small amount allows kids to more easily adjust to an earlier bedtime. The same goes for waking your kids up earlier the next morning.

2. Be Consistent

It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Saturday. You want to continue to send your kids to bed earlier each night. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your kids to stay up on the weekends. Doing so will undo all the hard work you’ve done earlier in the week.

3. Eliminate Electronic Use Before Bed

Studies have shown that it’s much harder to fall asleep when you’ve been using electronics before bed. Instead of allowing your children to unwind with their tablets before bed, switch to actual books. You want to set a curfew for electronics an hour before bedtime.

4. Move Bath Time Closer to Bedtime

A warm shower or bath can help make kids sleepier. This is especially true in the summer. When they step from the warm tub into a cooler, air-conditioned room, the immediate reaction is to want to curl up in a warm blanket. The warm shower or bath also helps kids unwind

5. Add Blackout Curtains to the Room

One problem during the summer months is how late the sun is out. One way to avoid this problem is to add blackout curtains to your kids’ rooms. It’s much, much easier for children to sleep when their sleep environment is dark.

6. Avoid Caffeine and Sugar Close to Bedtime

A great rule of thumb is to avoid caffeine after noon. You also want to limit sugar intake in the evenings. Instead of having a bedtime snack of cookies and milk, opt for a snack low in sugar, such as baked potato chips or popcorn.

7. Stretch

Last, but not least, get your kids in the habit of stretching before bed. Stretching is a wonderful way to relax the body and mind. You can also teach them to focus on their breathing to help them fall asleep faster.

It can be hard to get your kids back into a schedule that allows them to get up early for school. However, with a bit of work and consistency, your kids will get back on schedule for school.

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