5 Tips for the Angry Mom

Is your day peppered with mommy anger directed towards your kids or spouse? Are you struggling to get a hold of your emotions and then spend the rest of day feeling guilty for your shortcomings?

We all have bad days, everyone has them, they just don’t make for great Facebook or Instagram posts. Anger is normal, it’s an emotion that everyone feels, it’s how you handle your anger that may be the issue.

Struggling with your anger? See these 5 Tips for the Angry Mom.

You are not alone these 5 Tips for the Angry Mom will help you begin to manage your mom anger and be a better parent for your kids.


Rethink the Impact of Your Words

Put yourself in the place of your child or spouse, is that how you would like to be spoken to? I think it’s easy for us to catch others causing harm to us but we can get so caught up in our emotions that we forget how our own words can impact others. I know that there are times I need to check my tone, because it sounds harsh, my kids feel as though I’m angry with them. However, I’m not but I’m not portraying that very well to them. My attention may be directed elsewhere and my focus isn’t on them.


How can you regroup or center yourself when you catch the mommy anger creeping in? How about taking some time in your day to just stop what your doing, clear your mind, and just sit a breath and erase all of your thoughts circling your mind. I know when I do this that my mom guilt starts to float away and I can go on being more intentional in my day as a parent.


When you apologize for your anger, you’ve recognized that you’re experiencing it and you’re teaching your kids how to deal with their own anger as well. When our kids have a meltdown, they get sent to time out. When mommy has a meltdown, what do you do to sort it out? Take a few moments to hide in the bathroom or your bedroom before you’re around anyone else who can make it worse.

Recognize your triggers

You need to admit to yourself that you have a problem and the first step to curb it is to recognize what makes you tick. Did you have a good night’s sleep? Did you eat properly today? Perhaps that’s why you’re feeling so tired and you need to ensure your health and well-being is in check so that you can run your household.

Be prepared to fail

This will be work, it won’t be easy. You’ve grown to be set in your ways and it’s going to take time to work through. It won’t happen overnight but if you know there’s a problem, who not take the steps to do something about it. Really commit yourself to nipping this anger and address the problem head on.

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