Super Easy Salad Dressing

Spring is here and the weather is turning a bit warmer.  Families are busy with soccer games, cookouts, and seasonal activities.  We’ll begin to shift our recipes from soups, chilis, and warm casseroles to dishes that won’t require any cooking.  Fresh vegetables such as crisp, young lettuce will begin to be available in farmer’s markets and grocery stores throughout the country.

No time to meal plan? Whip up this Super Easy Salad Dressing to jazz up any salad and it will make any salad mouth watering for the whole family.This recipe for Super Easy Salad Dressing is something my mom introduced to me many summers ago.  It was so good I’ve been making it ever since.  I remember her asking me to guess the secret ingredient as I hungrily wolfed it down one day.  Now I get requests for this recipe every time I serve it to guests.

salad ingredients

It doesn’t matter what you put in this salad, the dressing is what makes it amazing.  My go-to salad fixings are red onion, carrots, cucumbers, and crotons.  Adding a few marinated olives doesn’t hurt either.  However, I usually just throw in whatever I have in the fridge.  And if you want to add some protein great choices are chopped deli meat, prosciutto, or chopped boiled eggs.

salad dressing

One of my happy places is sitting in front of the tv watching old movies with a plate of cheese and crackers and a big bowl of this salad.  Simple foods can be the highlight or the accent of the party.  The dressing on this salad only has 3 ingredients, but it makes any salad extraordinary.

The secret ingredient my mom was referring to is a tablespoon of grape jelly.  The jelly is whisked along with olive oil and red wine vinegar to add a little sweetness to the salad.  The dressing is sweet with a little tang which jazzes up any dinner or lunch salad.

When you’re looking for a lighter lunch or a simple side for dinner, simply throw together a salad and whisk up this dressing to add a burst of flavor.  If you take it to a cookout this spring, make a lot.  It will be eaten up in no time and kids like it too.  In my book, if the kids eat it, it’s a winner!

salad finale

Super Easy Salad Dressing

Prep Time: 3 min.  Difficulty: Easy  Servings: One Big Salad

Salad Ingredients

  • 1/4 cup of good olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of jelly (I used grape)


Add all three ingredients in a small bowl.  Whisk together until jelly is incorporated into the oil and vinegar.  I usually use a fork.

Pour dressing on top of the salad and use salad tongs to thoroughly mix the dressing into the salad.  Serve immediately.

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