Reading Log Printable

Are you looking for a reading log printable that can help you keep track of all your favorite books? If so, this is the one for you.

Reading is so much fun and it’s a great way to unwind and destress. Finding a good book is so much fun and when you can relate to the storyline and characters, it’s so much fun to read as well.

I love books and if I’m going to get any reading done, I like to keep a reading log for myself. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I get to tick that box with a checkmark after I’ve finished a book. I know it’s silly but who doesn’t love completing those to-do lists just so they can mark off their successes.

I have a giant list of books that I’ve completed and I have no intention of stopping writing them down anytime soon!

Keep track of all of the books you'll get to read with this handy pretty reading log printable, work towards your goal of reading a new book each week.

Reading Log Printable

I have a running list of fiction and non-fiction books that I like to have ready so I can easily pull them from the library. This way I’m not searching last minute for one of my books while running around getting everyone else’s books. I can place a hold and have them ready for me with ease.

I’ll even take a pic of my reading log with my phone so that when I’m out and about, I can easily access it and know what books I’m hoping to find and read next. Isn’t technology wonderful?

If you’ve seen my goals planning worksheet, you can see I love my checkboxes. Try it, write out all the books you’d like to read and mark them as completed once you do. When you look back at the books you’ve read, it can be impressive.

Reading List printable

The Importance of Reading

Not only does reading do a great job of increasing vocabulary skills and knowledge but it also opens up your mind and imagination as well. Taking the time to just read 10 minutes a day can do a great deal in lowering your stress.

Truth be told, snuggling up with a good book sounds good anytime during the day and if you’re lucky enough to find a book that you’re enjoying, most other things can wait.

This is why having a reading log really pays off..because you can write down the books that others tell you about so that when the time is right, you know what you’re going to want to read next.

There is one printable on two pages so it can be printed double-sided and the last two pages are editable. You can type in them and then print them out for those who like to have their lists super neat.

Will this reading printable work for kids as well?

It actually will. Even though it’s designed to be a printable for moms, you can easily let your kids join in on the fun, too. If they’re excited about reading, then let them have their own log to keep track of the books that they’re wanting to read as well.

You can then sit and talk about books and bond with your child over reading. What a fun way to spend the day! Talking to your kids about reading is a fun way to bond and discover all the different types of books that they’re excited about as well.

You may be surprised to learn about the genre that they’re interested in reading more about. And you can then tell them about some great book suggestions, too.

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