Unicorn Gratitude Journal for Kids Printable

Want to nurture kindness and gratefulness in your kids? Make it fun to practice gratitude with this adorable unicorn gratitude journal for kids printable.

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With so many kids experiencing bullying online and at school, I think practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to build character and allow kids to appreciate each day so nothing is taken for granted.

This also helps kids see the positive things on days where you didn’t think anything significant happened.

Unicorn Gratitude Journal for Kids Printable

Practicing kindness doesn’t have to be a big deal or take a ton of time. It can be one kind act that just puts a smile on someone’s face.

It may be as little as opening a door for someone who has a lot in there hands or walking a senior to their car with their bag of groceries.

We had extra raspberries in our garden and I knew we wouldn’t finish it all but my daughter suggested that we give some to our elderly neighbor across the street.

When we arrived at our campsite someone left these giant sticks at our site. The ends had been carved with a knife so that it was pointed like a spear. The kids were so excited about them.

They played with them for the entire trip and stored them at night so they wouldn’t get lost.

When we left, we were out on a hike and my daughter picked some flowers and we decided to leave them for the next group that would stay on our campsite.

She wrote a note that said that she hoped they would have a great trip. So cute.

Don’t mind the hole in her pants, it was a fun trip for sure.

Kindness and gratitude are not intuitive for kids to learn and sometimes it just takes a lot of practice especially when it comes to siblings who can be quite annoying.

It’s something we work on on a daily basis.

While we homeschool, kids at school or outside of school can experience bullying from other kids.

But with technology so intertwined with our lives and multiple devices in our home, our kids can also experience bullying while they’re inside our home.

Kids can be talking to others on their phone or online games, they may be playing on a tablet or old enough to have their own phone.

They may be connecting with others on social media or watching content on Youtube and then reading the comments.

There really is no filter for what kids might come across online with so many ways for them to connect with each other now.

Online bullies make an effort to hurt others and to garner attention. If your kids find themselves the target of bullies, there are three things they can do:

  1. Don’t respond
  2. Block that person
  3. Report them

They can tell a teacher or a parent what they’re seeing or report the post, picture or comment inside the app or service.

No one needs to subject themselves to that kind of negativity. Let them know that behavior is not right and no one should have to put up with it.

If your kids need help practicing kindness, try Kind Kingdom, it’s an interactive online game for kids that will make being kind fun.

If you need help talking to your kids about online bullying or internet safety, visit Be Internet Awesome to find tips and tricks to talk to your family.

There’s a wealth of information here.

Help your kids practice gratitude with these adorable unicorn gratitude journal printables.

There’s tons of space to write but younger kids should feel free to draw a picture if they prefer to do so.

I know my son hated writing so he drew a lot of pictures.

Unicorn Gratitude Journal for Kids

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