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Are you pulling your hair out trying to get the kids to do their chores? Have you lost your voice from repeatedly telling them to clean up? Let’s face we all have those chore battles and anything we can do to stop them, I’m all ears.

Enter the printable kids’ chore chart. Yes, get yourself a chore chart for each child. No wifi or screen-time happens before the chores are done. We homeschool so school work has to be done before anyone has any screen-time.

Each child can have their own chart and while I would love to say this will be the key to your chore battles it’s not. You need to implement a system and then be sure to be consistent with it. We all know how excited to try something new and then it can sizzle and we go back to our old ways.

Colorful teal and green printable kids chore chart on a grey background

Chores require routine and a schedule and because I hate repeating myself over and over again and a system to let the kids know what their jobs are. It’s a quick visual way for them to see what needs to be done and to check off what they’ve already completed.

We love using this printable kids chore chart in our house because it teaches responsibility and shows the kids all that has to be done to keep the house running smoothly and without issues. This means that they’re an active part of the household chores and it’s something that they actually like to be done. 

And I love knowing that there are certain parts of the chores that I just don’t have to worry about anymore. If I know that the kids are going to take care of certain chores, that means that I can put my focus on something else instead. 

How to use these printable chore charts 

Print these out and laminate them or place them in a page protector and have your child mark the tasks as they complete them. You can even place magnets on the back and have them use magnets to mark what they’ve completed.

If you need more than a printable to help with your chores than take a look at these wall charts.

Recommended Chore Charts

Don’t want to make your own? Try one of these that you can purchase and hang it in a family area so your kids can keep track of their chores and you can ensure that it gets done.

Wall chore charts work really great, too. And really, what it comes down to when it comes to having chores assigned to the kids to help out around the house, is finding a resource that flows with the function of your family. 

Sometimes printable chore charts work while other times, you need a wall chart option as you see below. 

 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Responsibility Chart With 90 Magnets Bigtime Magnetic Behavior / Star / Reward Chore Chart for One or Multiple Kids, Toddlers or Teens | Premium Dry Erase Surface | Charts Have Full Magnet Back for Fridge | Helps Teach Responsibilty Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart

The other printables in this series – Free Organization Printables for Busy Moms,  are a must-see as well. Because life as a mom is busy and sometimes a little chaotic, so it just makes sense that we could all use some organization printables as well! 

More Chore Chart Printables

Check out this other great option for a chore chart printable. This one is for the entire family! Why not have everyone in the house tackle the chores together to get them done that much faster?! 

Family Chore Chart Printables

Kids Chore Charts

Editable Family Chore Chart

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